Building the right customer/citizen experience is now a non-negotiable requirement of any organisation, Digital has only accelerated what’s possible and new ways of thinking have put customer thinking at the heart of design. How then do we navigate new ways of thinking and take advantage of intelligent technology?

Have a look at these blog posts to give you something to think about or contact for more information.

The travel agent for millennials; holidays for instagrammers

The Travel Agent for millennials: a lesson in digital customer experience from Europe’s smartest tourist agency

How a Japanese tiny bar is the way of the Digital future

Customer experience; the Japanese way: Hyper-specialisation and what Kanazawa’s tiny, tiny whisky bar might mean for the future.

Donald Trump as your next Chief Customer Officer (he might be available soon)

Donald Trump’s unofficial guide to customer engagement.

How McDonalds removed an excuse not to go in

The curiously high cost of McDonald’s coffee and how it’s very McClever

How speed is not the only thing for customers

Thinking fast and travelling slow – designing the Gold Bus Customer Experience