Charity and Not for Profit

Our intent is to provide some core consulting and design capability which you might typically not be able to take the time or spend the money to invest in.

We are delighted to give 20% of our time to assist charities and not for profit.

Step back sessions

It can be difficult to take time away from the day to day to refocus or clarify what is important and what is possible. Perhaps to make changes to strategy, build a high level operating model, create a culture design, or understand your customers or ecosystem. A step back session is a 1/2 to 1 day workshop with your team to take time to reflect and then pick something to really get into the detail on.

Innovation and design learning

There is opportunity to learn about design thinking, system thinking or to just to consider what innovation and design might look like for your charity. There is an objective to ask yourself whether you are asking the right question or solving the right problems. We have a series of training courses on topics like facilitation and collaboration, design thinking, consulting school 101 which are 3 hr to 5 days.

Rocketship sessions

You may well be struggling with a specific idea or problem at any stage of development and would like to make some progress. We have 1/2 to 3 day workshop based events which focus on taking the ‘problem/idea’ and working on fixed output which will help you to accelerate the outcome.

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