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An introvert’s guide to innovation and collaboration workshops

You are maybe awash with extrovert Ted talk types in your innovation and collaboration teams but every group needs an introvert to get it done. Every group of people from a nursery to an old age home will have a division of introverts and extroverts. You can walk into a pre-school and see a range…

Alexa and me; a modern romance on the rocks (it’s not her, it’s me).

Everyone is very excited about voice channels. My former colleague Nitin Goel included, have a look at his blog here. Professionally, me too but personally, I’m not there yet. I recently bought Alexa to look after me whilst I am at home alone and our relationship is already on the rocks. It started wonderfully…


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Thinking a little differently is important to any business and especially so as your people need to be more innovative and creative. Here are some things to think about.

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