80/20 consulting accelerators – the power of consultants is do one of the following; tell you



something you didn’t know, help you achieve something faster you wouldn’t otherwise, fill a gap or empower you to do something different.

At xWhyz, we want to give you a kick to get moving, help you to skip some steps, co-create ideas and help you get something done quickly. That is why we have design a series of 80/20 accelerators to support you at key stages in any of your projects/programmes.

What’s your problem and what can you do about it.

We need to get a project running and show some value really quickly.

We need our strategy to mean someone

We need to create  the right culture

We need to understand our problem better

We need to connect all of the pieces together

We need to have a new way of working


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Instinct Strategy –

Culture leap –

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